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Serving the Western U.S. since 1953

About Us

Bejac Corporation began in 1953 as a successful underground pipeline contracting business that operated until 1985, when Ron Barlet was hired by his wife’s family to liquidate the assets and sell off the remaining equipment. During the liquidation, a contractor approached Ron about renting an excavator that remained on the lot. Because he wasn’t experienced in the construction business, Ron was not aware that bare equipment rentals were uncommon within the industry, and he rented the machine to the contractor. From that transaction, one of the largest specialty equipment dealers in the Western United States was born.

Expanding operations

During the economic downturn of 2008, Bejac Corporation once again found itself at a crossroads. With many other small businesses closing, Ron realized that he would need to adapt in order to survive and remain competitive in the industry. From that came two initiatives that have driven the company's success and continue to shape its future today.

First, Ron once more ignored conventional wisdom and decided to rapidly expand operations by purchasing other failing businesses in California. Next, Bejac Corporation added several equipment lines that were not traditionally sold by construction equipment dealers, but that fit well with the experience and knowledge of its staff. With an increased customer reach, and additional machines for the demolition, forestry, recycling and waste industries, Bejac not only survived the recession, but also continued to thrive.

Customer focused

While a lot has changed at Bejac over the years, its commitment to customer service and support has remained the same. With unique offerings, such as its lifetime commitment to customer operator and technician training, Bejac is always trying to find ways to provide the most value to its customers.

The most recent addition to Bejac includes the full line of Liebherr construction and material handling equipment. With a level of technology and sophistication that exceeds nearly every other brand in the world, these machines are ideal for Bejac's customers in any industry.

Serving California and beyond

With over 65 years of history, thirteen locations throughout California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, and now our own central warehouse in Visalia, Bejac Corporation continues to expand to meet the needs of our customers with a promise to hire the most competent employees that are capable of delivering the Bejac experience.