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The Importance of Clean Fuel

Almost 85% of all failures in fuel systems can be traced back to contaminants in the fuel. Even tiny amounts of dirt and dust can become obstructions to the engine's normal processes and reduce engine life by up to 50%. Newer engines are even more susceptible to damage, because the fuel injection pressure is higher and the smallest particles can impair normal engine functions.

Follow these tips to eliminate the possibility of contaminants causing costly downtime.

Eliminate dust infiltration

Prevent dust from entering the fuel system by making sure the vent tube and fuel tank caps are tightly sealed. Conduct daily equipment checks to ensure that all caps are properly sealed and are not cracked or worn.

Properly maintain fueling equipment?

When you refuel, always replace the nozzle back onto the pump, rather than letting it fall on the ground, where it could gather dust. Ensure the fuel cap is properly and tightly secured after you finished.

Service your equipment indoors

Whenever you change filters, refuel, or make any type of engine repairs, work indoors. Conducting service inside reduces the chance of contamination of the fuel or other vital components.

Stay on top of filter changes

Filter changes should be done promptly at the manufacturer's suggested intervals and only with manufacturer approved filters. Clogged filters cannot prevent dirt from circulating through your engine. Follow the instructions provided in your equipment operator's manual when changing both the main filters and the prefuel filters, so that dust does not enter the fuel system during this process. Always check seals to detect possible leaks.

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