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Available Upgrades

Installed by our trained, certified technicians


  • Protect your machine from damage caused by rubbing against or rotating into hard objects
  • Allow the operator to exit the cab and walk back to the rear of the machine for inspection or to make repairs, even if the excavator is rotated perpendicular to the tracks on dangerous terrain

Forestry Catwalks with
Corner Guard

  • Provide the same side protection and accessibility as standard catwalks
  • Added log deflectors to protect the arm and cab from damage caused by rotating into thick branches

High Lift Brackets

  • High strength, reinforced steel mounting plates beneath the excavator arm increase vertical reach, allowing you to bring down taller structures
  • Utilizes factory hydraulic cylinders and hardware

Pro-Link Thumb

  • Features a full 180 degrees of rotation, making it ideal for handling and manipulating a wide variety of material, debris, rocks, logs, and irregular shaped objects
  • Each tine has a minimum of 3 points of grip to keep materials secure

Front Cab Guards

  • Protect the operator from flying debris
  • Prevent shattered windows from hazards, such as protruding rebar or tree branches

Front Lights

  • Illuminate the jobsite, so you can see what you are doing even after dark
  • Available in both standard and ultra bright LED varieties

Rub Rails

  • Protect the body and engine compartment from damage caused by swinging into or rubbing up against hard or stationary objects
  • Low profile for increased side clearance

Top Guard FOPS Level II

  • Protect the cab and operator from falling debris, including heavy concrete from demolition
  • Includes grate over the window for maximum vertical visibility

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